Opening May 1: Appointments for Parties of Four

Meet the Owners



     At Birdie Bridal, we believe this is all about so much more than a dress.

       It may seem strange that we say that- on our bridal store website of all places! But there’s a reason.
We are Nikki and Syble: sister in laws with our respective weddings behind us. We planned, went to boutiques and stores, and we each found dresses. We said yes.

But we’ve realized that something was missing- and we don’t want any more brides to miss this:

For our Birdie Brides, there is so much more to this than a dress. There is so much more to this than a simple “yes.”
This is about finding the dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were tiny.
It’s about a special, shared experience with your mom, your grandma, your bridesmaids or friends- or even a personal journey just for you.
This is about that journey- years long- of learning to love your body.
This is about the start of a new and beautiful chapter in your life.
It’s about love- and most importantly, marrying the love of your life.

At Birdie Bridal, this is about so much more than a dress. It’s about so much more than getting a yes.
We don’t just provide dresses and space to try them on, but an experience where you are supported, heard, and celebrated.

We can’t wait to hear YOUR story and support you along this exciting journey! Check out our staff page to read more about our team. We hand-picked our stylists to bring so much more to the table!


For general inquiries please email us at:
Call or Text us at (682)288-6693
7105 Golf Club Dr #1204
Fort Worth, TX 76179
Open By Appointment Only