Opening May 1: Appointments for Parties of Four

Opinion Overload

The part of dress shopping that even the most decisive bride can dread...

The part that keeps her scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, full of stress about her decision...The part that can even keep her from the dress of her dreams...


Opinions of others are hard when it comes to every day decisions and outfits alone! The opinions that surround wedding dress shopping can feel overwhelming.

The opinions of your dress party matter to you because you value your team. After all, that’s why you invited them along to help!

But remember, opinions are only supposed to help guide you to the dress YOU love- not make the decision for you.

Your party members are going to offer opinions based on their ideas of what you want.

Sometimes opinions can feel personal and pressuring because it’s such a big decision, but I promise you, however they express it, your party’s primary aim is that you love your dress. At the end of the day, that’s the goal: that you walk out with what YOU want. 

So give opinions space, but hold them lightly. Trust YOUR gut. Remember, opinions are only meant to help guide you to the dress YOU love!