Opening May 1: Appointments for Parties of Four

Who to Ask for Planning Advice


And now you’re overwhelmed.

Where do you start?!

You decide to get as much info as possible. You get on social media and ask for everyone’s advice on what to do and where to start and how to-

WAIT! STOP! Let me tell you a secret:

EVERYONE has wedding advice- and not all of it is right for you. If you’re already overwhelmed- don’t invite 375901 notifications full of opinions!

There’s a better way, I think. I hope this is helpful!
1. Discuss with your fiancé. Isolate the (3-5) most important elements of your day together. This will help you prioritize, budget, and make decisions.
2. Ask a professional wedding planner.
3. Ask the friend/acquaintance(s) who already got married, whose vibe you loved.

I think these steps will help limit the opinions you receive to a manageable list curated to your wants and needs.

Cheers to a day of joy!