Opening May 1: Appointments for Parties of Four

In-Appointment Photos

“You can’t take pictures here.”
Well you can at Birdie, but some boutiques don’t allow it! We were confused as to way at first too.

Until it happened to US!

You're standing in your dream dress looking into our gold mirror, visualizing walking down the aisle in it. Everyone is talking about how gorgeous you look. Your bridesmaid snaps some pictures on her phone to show you.

Then it happens.

You start swiping through the pictures and we see the joy leave your face. Your bridesmaid took some terrible pictures of you in and and now you HATE it!

Girl. You do not look how you look from someone taking a picture from behind you sitting on a couch, of a dress that’s clipped a million times in the back!

You can still take pictures at Birdie. We want you to remember this moment. But stop looking at the pictures and go with your gut feeling!

If you love the dress, think about in in your size, and altered to fit your body! There won’t be any bunching, or rolled fabric once it’s fitted to YOU!